Scott Davies
Scott Davies's Fundraiser

Please help me reach my fundraising goal for the Santa Speedo Run!

Help me make a difference for the Play Ball Foundation, please give today!

$2,950 towards $3,500

Join me in helping us raise funds to allow Middle School Kids in Under-Resourced Communities Play Organized School Sports...

Seven years ago I strapped on the speedo & Santa beard for the 1st time looking to join one of the most unique charity events you'll ever witness and every year since I've believed more & more in what this charity is accomplishing: increasing school engagement for middle school students in under-resourced communities through school-based sports opportunities. I struggle to find much that has shaped myself & my friends more than sports and to think of growing up without it is unimaginable.

PlayBall! Has grown to help 3,200 student get involved in organized sports programs across the communities of Boston, Lawrence & Holyoke, all of which would not offer sports otherwise due to a lack of funds. What is key now is that we are currently at a juncture in our development where we have the opportunity to expand this to more under-resources communities in Massachusetts as communities grapple with tighter budgets & higher costs post-pandemic.

While the cold, the embarrassment and the run never get easier, I’ve learned to lov the one day a year I get to throw on a speedo and use the absurdity of the event (& media attention that goes with it) to raise awareness for the great mission PlayBall! Is working to accomplish.

With that said, please consider donating and/or joining us when we run this Saturday at Sixth Gear in South Boston. Anything big or small goes a long way to getting MORE FEET ON THE FIELD!