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Please help me reach my fundraising goal for the Santa Speedo Run! image

Please help me reach my fundraising goal for the Santa Speedo Run!

Help me make a difference for the Play Ball Foundation, please give today!

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$23,545 towards $20,000

'Tis the season for the 22nd annual Santa Speedo Run through the streets of Boston for the Play Ball Foundation! This marks my sixth year running and unfortunately, like so much this year, it will be a little different. Instead of recruiting 50+ runners last year (infamously known now as the Red Speedo'd Raiders) to join the other 200+ runners in a police escorted Speedo Run / Parade of sorts down Boylston and Newbury (if you dare, evidence documented in the Boston Globe here), this year we are doing small group runs, and I have my group braving the Southie Streets tomorrow (12/4) in what promises mid 30 degree weather. This of course both makes my already disturbing appearance entirely out of context and that much more embarrassing, but also fails to drive the same buzz/attention to what is normally a terrifically fun and energetic day to raise awareness for a GREAT cause. So I need your help!!

Last year, I raised more than
$10,000 and my goal is to do the same this year. In a lot of ways, with everything happening in the world and added complexities and cost in team sports opportunities Play Ball! is more important this year than ever. PB's mission today is to create and expand team sports opportunities for middle school age urban youth who are at a pivotal time of physical and emotional development. As many of us can personally relate, through the experience of team sports, PB seeks to inspire young athletes to succeed in school, become engaged in their school communities and develop life skills that will make them better prepared to enter high school and beyond.

Thanks as always and Happy Holidays!