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Santa Speedo Run 2020

Santa Speedo 2020! To make sure that the event is safe and responsible, Play Ball will be making SSR20 more of “small-batch”, “hand-crafted”, “artisanal” runs rather than the huge factory run of the past. Here is the deal:

  • What will the run look like?
    • In this age of COVID-19, the Santa Speedo Run will be made up of individuals raising money and running in small, socially distant groups of 1-3 runners
    • Each runner will have as many “elves” helping the them raise money towards their individual goal
    • Runners will use social media to showcase their fundraising page, as well as the day of the run
  • When will the run happen?
    • As has been tradition for the past 20 years, the run will take place on the second Saturday in December (12.12.20) and will be run at roughly 1pm, EST.
    • Will there be some wiggle room in the timing? C’mon, this is SSR, of course there will be.
  • Where will the run take place?
    • All over the place! Run locations will depend on each runner/small group of runners. We anticipate runs taking place all over the Boston area and beyond.
    • Each runner will map out its own route. The route should be the same grueling “slightly less than a mile” distance (so training should begin immediately!)
  • How will it work?
    • Runners will create a peer-to-peer fundraising page to run Santa Speedo Run 2020
    • Runners will do the run in festive garb - for many this will be the traditional Speedo, for others a holiday themed getup.
    • Each runner will receive a branded Santa Speedo Gater to wear during the run
    • In order to spread the cheer - teams will use social media (Santa Speedo Instagram, Facebook) to spread their word about their “training and preparation”, “run warmup” and “run” (a term we use loosely). Use the hashtag #SSRUN2020
  • How will the fundraising work?
    • As has been the case for many years, Santa Speedo Run directly supports the Play Ball Foundation, which provides school-based sports leagues for middle school students in under-resourced communities (Boston, Holyoke, Lawrence).
    • As is traditional, runners will raise money from friends, family, coworkers, teammates, former bowling partners, ex-bosses, favorite bank tellers, and others using their peer-to-peer fundraising page.
  • I get all that, but, like, who wins?
    • Super Bowl Trophy? Stanley Cup?, pfft, kids stuff. This year, teams will vie to win the two biggest awards in all of sports:
      • “The Rudolph”. The Rudolph leads the Play Ball Sleigh, lighting the future with their glowing noses and raising the most money from their peer to peer fundraising page. It simply doesn’t get any more prestigious than this.
      • “The Blitzen”. The Blitzen will go to the runner that has the most donors support their peer to peer fundraising page. It takes a lot of folks to power the Sleigh, and the Blitzen trophy winner shows there is no “I” in team. Or there are lots of “I’s” in team. Or something…


  • October 16 - Registration opens to sign up
  • November 1 - "Rudolph" and "Blitzen" early results posted
  • December 1 - SSR20 Virtual Fashion show- Each team will post - catwalk style - their chose garb for the run using #SSRUN2020
  • December 12 - RUN!
  • December 14 - Official trophy presentation to winning teams

Next Steps

  • Sign up & create your peer to peer fundraising page
  • Set your fundraising goal
  • Email your network of support to donate to your run
  • Get out text/email/smoke signal to your supporters
  • Determine your route
  • Fire up the Social Media #SSRUN2020
  • Train (kidding!)
  • Run!

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